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Workmanship, Quality & Precision

These three tenets are imbibed in Kraftwagen’s philosophy and culture. At Kraftwagen, attention to detail, perfection in each operating process and maintaining quality is paramount. We integrate the same process required in manufacturing a premium automobile, in our maintenance and repair jobs too.

Kraftwagen is not just restoration and overhauling service provider. Care is the focal point around which all our activities revolve. Our workmen are artisans and all our artisans are handpicked for their expertise, knowledge and work history.

Premium automobiles must be touched by premium equipment. At our workplace, futuristic technology and ultra-modern equipment help us perform the most advanced repair jobs.

Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) dictate multiple layers of investigations and post-repair inspections to ensure error-free results. Strict adherence to the SOPs helps us keep our error-free reputation at pristine levels.

At Kraftwagen, we touch every aspect of automobile maintenance and service. From body works to accident repair, mechanical, electrical and electronics and overhauling works, our team is adept at providing world-class services and helps you maintain your automobile in immaculate condition for years.

Our facility in Kozhikode is a state-of-the-art care centre with the latest amenities.

Our premium Family Lounge offers comfort during the waiting period. Being in the heart of the city offers close proximity to customers to drop off vehicles and easy access to Shopping Malls, Dine -in, Beach etc. The Kraftwagen processes ensure the least waiting time, minimal paperwork and swift delivery of every vehicle.

Our founders

It was the passionate dream of two automobile engineers, builting a complete care centre for premium automobiles that drove Sajeen and Vimesh towards creating Kraftwagen as it is today. Their passion for giving due care that a premium automobile deserves is etched in the name of the brand itself. Repairs and maintenance is not just a mechanical process. It is a Craft. With lack of adequate skill, knowledge and commitment to serve the needs of an automobile, many vehicles spend months if not years in repair shops waiting for an overhaul. With expertise and facilities at par with Agency ( if not better), it simultaneously maintains a reasonable Pricing, bridging the huge gap between local workshops & monopoly of Agency. With Kraftwagen, Sajeen and Vimesh have vowed to change this. The result is evident.


Undying passion for automobiles is everything that Sajeen is. His deep knowledge of automobiles lead to successful automobile maintenance business in Dubai. Since 1994, he is at the helm of affairs at Five Star Auto Repairing Garage. Having worked with luxury vehicles, his expertise and understanding of every part of an automobile gives a strong impetus to Kraftwagen dreams.


Vimesh is a technical expert carrying over 26 years of manufacturing and service experience, working with some of the most well known international automobile brands like MAZDA, PEUGEOT, NISSAN & RENAULT as the Head of Technical Operations .With deep knowledge of the sector ,he contributes to the implementation of high performance management and innovation systems that are the backbone of Kraftwagen.